5 Instant Ways To Feel Happier Today

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No doubt about it, everyone wants to feel happier! Everyone wants to get off the stress express and EVERYONE wants better mental health. But how? What’s the quick fix you ask?

Sorry, but true, long lasting happiness takes work. It takes commitment and it takes maintenance! There is definitely no ‘quick fix’ that’s for sure. BUT… there are quick things you can do today that will definitely set you off of the right path. Things that will change your mindset, shift your perspective or clear the fog of sadness. Things that will help bring HAPPINESS your way!.

Ok, let’s get into it…

Stop and look around

When was the last time you stopped? Like seriously stopped? When did you last look around and think “Gosh I’m lucky!” (lucky/blessed – call it what you will). When you very deliberately STOP you see things you never see when you’re constantly buried in the ‘go-zone’. You appreciate your friends and family more. You really notice your home, your possessions, the opportunities you’ve had, your health and more. This sounds like a typical ‘gratitude’ spiel but trust me… this is more than gratitude. When you stop, observe and REFLECT, your heart fills up and consequently, you feel happier!!! What you have, who you have and what you’ve done and experienced in life becomes EPIC. Everything you have becomes more than just ‘enough’. Remember this – you are ALIVE. Take the time to BE alive and fully content – regularly. You have the gift of another day whereas many others don’t. Sit with that thought for a while…

Photo of a pink gratitude journal for journalling your way to feeling happier

Live for TODAY

If you’re anything like me, you’ve spent many a day looking back reflectively on your life. Sometimes positively, sometimes negatively.  Maybe you lived with toxicity? Maybe you lived with struggle – mental, physical, financial – maybe you just carried hate, shame, embarrassment or regret. Reflection is healthy – until it’s not. Until it becomes a source of pain, confusion and overwhelm.

If there’s one thing I’d suggest it would be this… remember you only live once. You only get one chance to live your best life.

  • To CHOOSE what to give your energy to.
  • To CHOOSE what baggage you carry forward.
  • To CHOOSE what holds you back or sets you free.

If you WANT a better life – if you WANT to feel happier – reach for it! Work for it! Shape it and MAKE it! Get out of the past and enjoy today… for tomorrow is not promised to anyone. You included.

Do something good for your body

You know, you don’t get enough sleep, you overdo the junk food and you don’t exercise. You operate on auto pilot … except you don’t fly to the conditions, you just fly. Until you bloody crash and burn.

Your body is your home. For life! If you don’t look after IT, it can’t look after you. Here are some simple things you can do TODAY to look after your body;

  • Eat healthy meals
  • Get enough sleep
  • Have a bath
  • Go for a walk
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Consciously bring peace to your mind
  • Get off the stress express!

When you do these things, your brain will reward you with HAPPY HORMONES! Listen to your body – it’s always sending you signs and signals. Don’t wait until it almost gives up to start caring for it. By then it’s often too late.

Photo of a pink smoothie with a green glass straw. Looking after your body helps you to feel happier.

Make time for something YOU love

As women we give and give and give. Most of our days are spent planning for others, cooking for others, driving for others, shopping for others and nurturing OTHERS. But what about YOU?! You matter too! Life isn’t all about others.

So today, do something just for you! What about;

  • Painting your nails
  • Turning up your favourite music
  • Doing some art or craft
  • Going to your favourite place in nature
  • Watching some Netflix
  • Sorting through old photos
  • Planning a holiday
  • Eating your favourite food

Whatever it is make sure you make time for it. Finding time isn’t good enough. It’s too easy NOT to find time, yes?! Taking care of your own well-being is critical, it’s not selfish. Self care is required. It is not a ‘reward’. You don’t ‘earn’ it based on ‘performance’. You NEED IT TO SURVIVE! Trust me here… you have permission!

Be kind to yourself

Let’s be honest here… if you aren’t kind to yourself you’re not really going to be all that happy are you? That little girl inside of you, she needs HAPPY you, not your inner mean girl. She needs to hear she is loved. That she is important and that she is doing an AMAZING job at life. She wants your support so give it to her!

Something simple you can do to kick start your self kindness journey is to start and end your day by journaling 2 things you admire about your inner and outer self. By focusing on our self worth we begin to feel confident and therefore we feel happier, yes?

Ultimately, you need to be your own best friend because anything else is just self-sabotage. Hold yourself accountable and speak POSITIVELY to yourself.

Photo of pink flowers to make you feel happier

So there you have it…

… 5 things you can do TODAY to feel happier, healthier and more balanced. I hope this article inspires you to TAKE ACTION. Remember, happiness isn’t a destination, it’s a journey. You don’t arrive at ‘happy’ and stay at ‘happy’… you WORK for your happy! You maintain your happy… just like you would maintain your car, your house or your physical fitness. Finally… happiness really does come from within. If you look to others to make or keep you happy you will set yourself up for a lifetime of emotional pain. Never put the keys to your happiness in someone else’s pocket. You’re driving this car girl!

If you enjoyed this article you may also enjoy my article 5 Ways To Overhaul Your Mental Health TODAY. If you would like some support as you work towards happiness, please feel free to reach out to me. It would be my pleasure to help you sparkle again! My services are available Australia wide. x

Erica Rundle

Erica has a passion for Women’s Health. She works with women who want to be heard, supported and empowered! Erica is a survivor of many life experiences. A Mum. A travel lover. A green thumb in training and an eternal optimist!

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